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Here are some reviews praising our haunt over the years. Many of these quotes come from full reviews you can read from by clicking on these sources. Enjoy!

"This charming and wondrous Halloween production is not just great as a home haunt, it’s great as a Halloween attraction period."

                          -Albert Lam,

"One of the most impressive immersive experiences we saw is operated by a high schooler in his front yard... the fact that it was created by someone that isn’t even old enough to vote yet is absolutely unreal."

                          -Tyler Davidson,


                          -John Murdy, Halloween Horror Nights

"...A hybrid of old world Halloween mixed with modern technology." 

          -Haunts of L.A.

"Love the young team behind this haunt."

          -Rick West, Theme Park Adventure



"Very creative and industrious..."

          -Parks and Cons

"...Presented a very nice balance of pre-recorded intro / story material

with interactive video effects and live performers."

          -Scott Feinblatt, OC Weekly


"Unbelievably impressed with Opechee Haunt."


"Blown away! Almost more impressive than the detailed set design is the fact that the attraction is created and run by a group of teenagers."

          -The Haunt List

"You will be scared, you will be impressed, and you will have fun!"

          -Matt Sato

"...The lighting and audio effects were nicely done..." 

          -Steve Biodrowski, Hollywood Gothique

"...It fully immerses you..." 

"I loved the [haunt's] theme that was played out from start to finish as well as the detail to the set design." 

"Very ambitious!" 

          -My Haunt Life Podcast


"I came out laughing from screaming so loud!!!"

          -2014 Guest


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