Shows run continuously, beginning approximately

every 45 minutes.

Is the show frightening?

No! This is a family-friendly Halloween show. Though the lighting is dim, the atmosphere may be a bit spooky, and there might be a startling moment or two, the show is very silly, fun, and recommended for all ages to enjoy!

Is there an admission fee?

There is no admission fee for the show, though we do accept donations. This year, we will also offer a few select concessions, which can be purchased for an extra charge.

When should I plan to arrive?

We recommend that you arrive 15-20 minutes before your showtime. Showings of Jack's Halloween JamBOOree 2  run continuously, beginning about every 40 minutes, with our first show starting at our listed opening time and our last show starting at our listed closing time. If you happen to arrive in the middle of a current showing, you will be held outside to wait for the next to begin.

What's the parking situation?

Since we are in fact just a home haunt, we can't provide or guarantee any specific parking spaces. Our driveway and the curb alongside our house are not designated for parking, so we recommend parking 15-20 minutes ahead of showtime to find a space further down the street.

Is the show wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, because of the dimensions and height of our viewing area, this show does not accommodate wheelchairs.

Where can I check exact nightly showtimes?

Accurate showtimes will be posted nightly, digitally to our Twitter feed (@OpecheeHaunt) and physically right outside the viewing area. Be sure to check before your visit so as not to miss a show!

Are there accessible restrooms?

Unfortunately, no restrooms will be available for guest use. Guests are not allowed inside the private residence.

Is the show open during rainy weather?

Yes. We plan on running rain or shine, though keep in mind, if the weather does get too intense, we may be forced to shut down for the night.

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